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Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Supplies

Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Supplies

Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Supplies: Foil Rolls, Sheets, & Pans

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Phillips Food Service has been the premier source for food packaging supplies in Texas since 1945. From the time our business was founded, we have worked with hundreds of Texas-based companies, as well as food businesses located in surrounding states, to provide the food packaging supplies necessary for our customers. With our wide variety of supplies available, we have confidence in our ability to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are just starting out or a well- established chain, our 140,000 square foot warehouse, located right in the heart of San Antonio, is sure to have the food packaging supplies you require. For a full list of our product line, feel free to visit our online catalog!

Already know what you need? Order online or give us a call at 210-227-2397 today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Representatives. You can also request a quote by contacting us online. We are happy to walk you through the ordering process or answer any food packaging question you may have. Contact your restaurant food distributor today!

An Overview of Our Foil Food Packaging Supplies

When it comes to food packaging, foil trays, rolls, sheets, and pans can serve many uses. We stock a variety of styles and sizes including:

  1. Rolls and Sheets – Our stock of rolls and sheets includes foil sheets, foil rolls, and sandwich wrapping of all sizes.  
  2. Steam Pans – We offer steam pans in varying sizes including ½ size deep and shallow steam table pans, ½ size medium steam table pans, full size deep steam table pans, 1/3 size steam, and full size, deep, and medium.
  3. Catering trays – Our silver foil serving trays are sure to impress the clients at your next catering event.
  4. Baking Pans – We have foil baking pans in all sizes including loaf pans in 1 and 2 lbs, cake pans, oblong and square shaped pans, and tart pans and pie plates.

Make Phillips Food Service Your Provider for Food Packaging Needs

Whether you are looking to stock your business with catering trays and baking pans, or fresh and frozen foods, Phillips Food Service has you covered. Our food packaging experts are here to provide you with the best service a food wholesaler can supply. Our Sales Representatives are well trained and knowledgeable. We look forward to answering any food packaging questions you may have or to helping you with the ordering process. Based out of San Antonio, we have a fleet of trucks to make prompt, weekly deliveries to your business, ensuring you never run out of stock.

Also as a wholesale food supplier with years of experience, we can schedule bulk deliveries nationwide. We take pride in providing top quality food packaging services to our many loyal customers. Let us show you why Phillips Food Service has become a well-known name amongst restaurateurs and entrepreneurs alike all across Texas and beyond.

Call one of the best restaurant food suppliers at 210-227-2397 or request a quote online. You can look forward to great customer service, reliable supply and delivery, and the personal attention to your food packaging supply needs that only a family-owned business like Phillips Food Service can provide. Allow Phillips Food Service to make your food supply ordering easier, today!