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Distributor Of Official Suppliers Of Fresh Beef, Latest Price Updates

Distributor Of Official Suppliers Of Fresh Beef, Latest Price Updates

Fresh Beef Distributor

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The need for beef in Indonesia is very large and not balanced with production. You could say that the demand for beef in Indonesia is not being met. Not to mention that many beef providers cannot provide the best quality for consumers. A lot of beef is not well and evenly distributed.

The main distributor of quality fresh meat, frozen meat and processed meat products in Indonesia. One of our meat products is beef. distribution of fresh and frozen meat products. To be the biggest butcher shop in Indonesia.

Until now, a reliable supplier of beef for consumers in remote parts of the country. We also supply meat to traditional markets, catering, and restaurants throughout Indonesia. cheap and affordable for everyone.

Best Beef Supplier

Available beef portions

  1. Beef Quads (Chuck) is the top of the beef quadriceps. This part of the cow's body is often used as meatballs.
  2. Beef Ribs (Rib) is the portion of beef taken from around the ribs or ribs. This part of the meat can not only be processed into steak but can also be processed into konro or shabu soup.
  3. Hasdalam (Tenderloin) is beef in the middle. The deep thigh is made up of the major muscle parts around the spine between the shoulder and the pelvis. Has in being the softest part because this limb is rarely used for activities. This part is very suitable as a steak.
  4. Has outside (Sirloin) is the part of beef that is under the ribs. This part is the same as tenderloin which is suitable for processing into steak.
  5. Beef tongue (Ox Tounge) is meat that comes from beef tongue and is usually processed into Padang satay.
  6. Kelapa (knuckle) merupakan bagian daging sapi yang berasal dari paha belakang bagian atas yang ada di antara penutup dan gandik. Bagian knuckle diolah dengan cara dipanggang.
  7. Oxtail or oxtail can be a delicious dish when the weather is cold or when it is raining. You can process oxtail soup or oxtail stew.
  8. Beef Legs are part of beef that is widely used as a food ingredient in Asia. In Indonesia, beef legs are often processed as an addition to the Bandung shake noodles.
  9. Kikil is cartilage taken from the legs of cows. This gravel is then processed into kikil meatballs and tongseng kikil.
  10. The mayang veins are the veins at the bottom of the sirloin meat. The texture is chewy and hard so that it creates a new sensation on the tongue. This mayang vein is very suitable to be used as muscle meatballs and mayang satay.

Some of the products above can be fresh or frozen because they are suppliers of frozen beef. In addition to the options above

Beef is divided into several types, namely:

  1. Steers are bulls that are castrated before reaching adulthood
  2. Heifer is an immature female cow
  3. Bull is an adult bull
  4. Stag is a bull that is castrated after reaching adulthood
  5. The quality of beef varies due to age and maturity

Advantages of Buying Beef

Certified - The products we sell have been officially certified by MUI. So, the meat we sell is definitely halal and meets proper eating standards.

More Affordable Prices - Provide prices that are much more affordable or cheaper because they are suppliers of cheap beef.

Distributor - We are also a distributor for both retail and wholesale meat. There are special prices for those of you who buy wholesale or in large quantities.

Safe & Fast - We use large quantities of transport and can load a lot of meat. This is why we are a reliable beef supplier and distributor.