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Disposable Food Packaging

Disposable Food Packaging: Paper Bags, Napkins, Toilet Tissue, Towels, & Dispensers

Disposable Food Packaging: Paper Bags, Napkins, Toilet Tissue, Towels, & Dispensers

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At Phillips Food Service, we offer high quality disposable food packaging supplies to businesses all over the state of Texas and beyond. We understand that disposable food packaging supplies are an important component to any food service business. We can supply you with all your paper and packaging needs.

With a wide range of products, Phillips Food Service works with restaurants, schools, bakeries, and official government facilities to provide the necessary tools they need for success. We have over seven decades of experience as the premier food wholesaler in Texas serving businesses across the state. We take your business seriously, going above and beyond to ensure timely deliveries, expert customer service, and top quality disposable food packaging supplies.

Are you interested in making Phillips Food Service your choice for disposable food packaging and other food service supplies? Contact Texas’ favorite restaurant food distributor now. Call us at 210-227-2397 to speak with one of our disposable food packaging experts or email us to request a quote. We are standing by to fill your order and answer any disposable food packaging questions you may have

Our Wide Stock of Disposable Food Packaging Supplies

Below is an overview of our disposable food packaging supplies. For more information or to see a complete list, visit our online catalog or contact us for a full listing of the products we offer.

  1. Grocery Bags – We offer both brown and white paper grocery bags
  2. Liquor Bags
  3. Handled Shopping Bags – Our stock of handled shopping bags includes several size and material options – Also, ask us about printing your business logo on our products!
  4. French Fry and Sandwich Bags
  5. Steak Paper
  6. Freezer Paper
  7. Butcher Paper
  8. Kraft Paper Rolls
  9. Guest Checks
  10. Towels
  11. Toilet Tissue – Our toilet tissue comes in 1 and 2 ply for your convenience
  12. Napkins
  13. Facial Tissue
  14. Menu Tissue
  15. Dry Waxed Sheets
  16. Supermarket Labels
  17. Pan Liners – Our stock of pan liners come in many sizes to suit the specific needs of your kitchen
  18. Register Paper – We offer both thermal and non-thermal paper to stock your front and back office registers as well as adding machine paper
  19. Cardboard Food Trays
  20. Carry Out Drink Trays

Contact Phillips Food Service for Your Disposable Food Packaging Supply Needs

With a wide range of disposable food packaging, paper supplies, and products available, our inventory will suit any and all needs your company may require. We promise you will find all of the packaging and paper supplies you need, large and small. When you work with Phillips Food Service you can rest assured that your restaurant or business will be able to provide the highest standard of quality possible thanks to our top quality products.

Let us help you grow your business today! Make Phillips Food Service your choice as we are one of Texas’ best restaurant food distributors. Give us a call today at 210-227-2397 or request a quote for high volume food service distribution orders nationwide. Let us be your disposable food packaging supplier today!

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