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Food Wholesaler for Fresh & Frozen Foods

Food Wholesaler for Fresh & Frozen Foods

Food Wholesale for Fresh & Frozen Foods

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As a leading fresh and frozen food wholesaler based out of San Antonio, we stock and supply top-quality food across Texas. Our goal as a family-owned food wholesaler is to provide your business with the best fresh and frozen foods at competitive prices. We have spent decades building relationships with reputable vendors. Our distribution center is stocked and ready to supply your business with our wholesale foods.

At Philips Distribution, we handle a variety of quality fresh and frozen food products. All products are well-recognized national and regional brands. As one of Texas’ leading food wholesalers and restaurant food distributors, we understand the security that comes with familiar and established brand names, so contact our food wholesaler team today for all your restaurant supply needs. Call 210-227-2397 to speak to one of our Sales Representatives.

Our Selection of Wholesale Food Products

As a comprehensive food wholesaler, we offer the following well-known vendors and products:

  1. Tyson Foods and Sanderson Farms for both fresh and frozen poultry items
  2. Cal-Maine for Fresh Shell Eggs
  3. Hausman Foods for Fresh and Frozen Beef Patties, Portion Cut Steaks, Chops, Beef and Chicken Marinated Fajitas, and Beef Cutlets
  4. W.H. Mosley for a variety of sizes and styles of Grade-A French Fries
  5. Phillips Label for a variety of Cubed Beef, Pork, and Scalded Tripe cut to the customer’s specifications using our own raw material to ensure quality standards
  6. Western Edge Seafood for quality Swai, Pollock, and Tilapia Fillets
  7. Agrosuper for Farm Raised Chilean Salmon Products
  8. Galveston Shrimp Company for High Quality Sustainability and Traceability – Domestic Gulf Wild Caught Shrimp
  9. Diversified Foods and Seasonings for Convenient Prepared Foods like Red Beans & Rice, and several other Frozen Entrees and Side Dishes
  10. Michigan Turkey Co. for a full line of Fresh and Frozen Turkey Products
  11. Farmland Foods for a variety of Fresh and Frozen Bacon and Hams
  12. Fry Foods for a complete line of Breaded and Battered Appetizer Items
  13. Eddy Packing for a full line of Frozen and Fresh Chorizo, Smoked Pork & Beef Sausages, Beef Cutlets, and Marinated Beef Fajitas
  14. Earl Campbell Meat Products for a complete line of Beef and Pork Hot Links
  15. Morrison’s for frozen Biscuits

Make Phillips Food Service the Food Wholesaler for Your Business Needs!

With years of experience as a food wholesaler in Texas, our team is standing by to equip your company with the products you need. We strive to deliver excellent quality in wholesale foods and well as janitorial supplies and disposable packaging such as to-go containers, disposable cups and plates, and cutlery. We can even offer customization options to better serve your company’s specific needs.

Serving businesses across Texas for many years, Phillips Food Service has a proud reputation in food wholesale and excellent customer service for our customers. Our mission as a family run business is to cater to and provide distribution services that exceed expectation. If you are interested in equipping your business through on of Texas’ finest restaurant food distributors, call us today at 210-227-2397 or place your order online. Don’t forget to ask about discounts on full truck orders and bulk orders!

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