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Plastic Food Containers

Plasticware: Plastic Food Containers, Trays, Cups, Lids, Plates, Straws, & Cutlery

Plasticware: Plastic Food Containers, Trays, Cups, Lids, Plates, Straws, & Cutlery

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At Phillips Food Service, we offer a wide array of plastic food containers ranging from trays, plates, and cutlery, to cups, straws, and lids. Since 1945, our family-owned and operated business has been the go-to restaurant food supplier for many Texas restaurants and businesses. We take pride in our excellence of service and attention to detail. Our staff is well trained and able to provide top of the line customer service to our clients. Our 140,000 square foot warehouse located in the heart of San Antonio is fully stocked with all the plastic food containers your business needs to be successful and we offer quick delivery to customers in San Antonio, Austin, and throughout Texas. If your business or restaurant relies on to-go and takeout food business, our plastic food containers have you covered.

Contact one of the best restaurant food distributor in Texas today to learn more about our products or to place an order. Call to speak with one of our friendly Sales Representatives for inquiries regarding our supply of plastic food containers at 210-227-2397. We can help walk you through the ordering process. You can also shoot us an email to request a quote online. Look no further than Phillips Food Service for your plastic food container supply needs.

Our Top-Quality Line of Plastic Food Containers

Below is an overview of the plastic food containers and other plasticware that we offer. Be sure to take a look at our online food service supply catalog for a complete list of the varying sizes and products we offer.

  1. Poly Food Service Bags – We are stocked with poly food service bags in all sizes and colors for whatever your business may require
  2. Garment Bags
  3. Griplock Bags – Perfect for storing and freezing foods, seals out air to keep your product fresh
  4. Ice Bags
  5. Catering Trays
  6. Plastic Carry Out Grocery Bags
  7. Vacuum Bags
  8. Meat and Poultry Bags
  9. Produce Bags
  10. Polypropylene Bags
  11. Deli Bags
  12. Case Liners
  13. Plastic Containers – We offer plastic containers large and small, perfect for anything from storage to take out orders
  14. Polypropylene and PET Food Service
  15. Cups and Containers
  16. Clear Hinged Containers
  17. Juice and Milk Containers
  18. Forks
  19. Spoons
  20. Knives
  21. Soup Spoons
  22. Serving Spoons
  23. Tongs
  24. Cutlery Kits
  25. Pallet Wrap
  26. Meat and Produce Film
  27. Tortilla Sheets
  28. Straws and Stirrers – Our straws and stirrers come in various sizes and colors to make your customers experience unique

Contact Phillips Food Service for All Your Plastic Food Container Needs

At Phillips Food Service, we make it our business to help your restaurant or company grow. Your success is our success! Our Sales Representatives are ready to help you decide which of our plastic food containers are the best fit for your food business needs. We offer weekly deliveries within Texas and can coordinate deliveries to surrounding states. We supply a variety of businesses including fast food chain restaurants, schools, churches, official government entities, bakeries and more! Whether your business is large or small, we are here to deliver quality product and prompt professional service. There is a reason we are known as one of the best restaurant food distributors in Texas. Call us today at 210-227-2397 to learn more!