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Wholesale Food Supplier

Wholesale Food Supplier: Dry Foods, Oils, & Shortenings
Wholesale Food Supplier: Dry Foods, Oils, & Shortenings

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As a wholesale food supplier, we offer a wide variety of dry foods, oils, and shortenings. We carry an extensive collection of high-quality brand names to meet all of our customers’ needs. Whether you are a restaurant, food manufacturer, or other business in the food service industry, our wholesale food supplier team will help you decide which dry food, oil, and shortening products are right for your business. When you choose Phillips Food Service as your wholesale food supplier, we offer the variety and the flexibility that allows you to customize your order to best fit into your company’s specific needs.

In Austin, San Antonio, or throughout Texas, contact us, a wholesale food supplier, at 210-227-2397 to place your order today or check out our full online catalog. Our team of Sales Representatives are ready to guide you through the ordering process. With convenient online ordering and superior customer service, you will find working with Phillips Food Service to be the best experience your company has had with restaurant food distributors!

Our Wholesale Food Supplies
We are proud to carry the following top quality brands:

>>McCall Farms
Del Monte
Seneca Foods
San Benito
Red Gold
First Place Foods
Lady Liberty (Evap. Milk)
Bunge Oils and Shortening
Ventura Foods Oils and Shortening<<

>>Stratas Foods Oils and Shortening
Imperial Sugar
Cedar Lake
Baron Spices
United Salt
Tarazi Specialty Foods<<

>>ADM Flour Milling
Miller Flour Milling
International Food Products
Bush Bros.
Griffin Foods
Rico’s Products
CH. Guenther
Flower’s Baking Co.
Columbus Vegetable Oil Co.
Schreiber International<<

A Complete Selection of Wholesale Food Supplies
As a wholesale food supplier, we offer a wide variety of both domestic and imported items. Our extensive selection of dry food items includes:

A full line of canned tomatoes and tomato products including:
  1. Diced
  2. Whole Peeled
  3. Sauce
  4. Puree
  5. Ketchup
A selection of canned fruits including:
  1. Applesauce
  2. Pineapple Chunks
  3. Pineapple Tidbits (smaller than chunks, great for baking!)
  4. Tropical Fruit Salad
  5. Fruit Cocktail
  6. Peaches
  7. Pears
  8. And more
We supply the following bar items:
  1. Olives
  2. Maraschino Cherries
  3. Cocktail Onions
  4. Coco Lopez
We carry canned vegetables including:
  1. Green Beans
  2. Mixed Vegetables
  3. Cut Corn
  4. Cream Corn
  5. Pinto Beans
  6. White Hominy
  7. Collard Greens
  8. Cut Carrots and more
As a comprehensive Texas wholesale food supplier, we also offer a full line of jalapenos and peppers including:
  1. Nacho Cuts
  2. Whole Jalapenos
  3. Chipotles in Adobo
  4. Jalapeno Strips
  5. Nopalitos
  6. Both whole and ground tomatillos
As a wholesale food supplier, we also offer miscellaneous items including but not limited to:
  1. A full line of Dry Beans, Rice, Flour, Tortilla Mix, Breading and Batters, MSG, and Masa
  2. Oils, Shortenings, Margarine, Vegetable Release Spray, Butter Flavored Oil, and Lard
  3. Assorted Pickles & Relishes
  4. Popcorn Kits
  5. Condiments (for the table and portion packs)
  6. Molasses
  7. Dry Mixes for Pancakes, Waffles, Chicken Marinades, and Gravy Mixes
Make Phillips Food Service Your Wholesale Food Supplier

Since 1945, we have served Texas and surrounding states by providing top of the line food wholesaler. Our team of trained Sales Representatives is standing by to help you get started on your order. You can also contact us with any restaurant supply questions you may have. We can be reached by phone at 210-227-2397 or online. Get in touch with us today to place an order and find out what makes us one of Texas’ leading restaurant food distributors!