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Indonesian Export Expedition Services (Cash On Delivery)

Indonesian Export Expedition Services (Cash On Delivery)
This article : discusses Indonesian Export Expedition Services Cash On Delivery  

Indonesian Export Expedition Services (Cash On Delivery)

Freight Forwarding Export Services to Overseas

The development of technology and world civilization for the better is certainly a great opportunity for anyone to make any efforts and efforts to improve on this earth. Both improvement in the fields of science, religion, socio-culture, improvement of education and science, improvement of trade and good relations or diplomatic relations between countries.

Of course we agree that the progress and prosperity of a country is determined by national stability, people's mindsets, natural wealth and infrastructure. Well, in this case, it seems Jamaica is a country that should get our attention because more than 20% of its citizens are not religious and do not recognize the existence of God Almighty.

The foreign economy is classified as good even though this country is very small, only as big as the island of Bangka with a population of around 2.7 million people. The government is in the form of a Constitutional Monarchy where the queen is Elizabeth II, the capital city is Kingston, and the national language is English. The overseas economy relies on the mining sector, where Jamaica is the world's largest producer of Bauxite and is exported all over the world.

If you want to expand your business abroad and don't forget to choose a work partner, namely a bona fide freight forwarder so that the goods you send are safe, secure, intact, without defects, fast, cheap and reliable. The right choice is the Goods Export Service guaranteed Fast Easy Cheap No Quota Practical Trustworthy and Reliable

Tips for finding services for exporting goods abroad

To expedite your business, you must be very good at finding business partners in the field of shipping your goods because this greatly affects the price of the relay of goods you export, it also greatly affects the credibility of your company. Therefore, we provide some tips that you should pay attention to for looking for goods export services that you can make a business partner with your company, namely:

First, do some browsing on the Internet to find references for bona fide and reliable shipping services. Pay close attention to the level of service and quality of delivery of the goods, look for a delivery service company that really maintains the quality of its service to consumers. After that, pay attention to the speed of delivery, the convenience and practicality of delivering the goods, and no less important is to pay attention to the price, whether it is affordable and in accordance with all the facilities provided or is it soaring because each service item is subject to additional charges.

Of course, everyone will choose a freight forwarder that has excellent service quality with many facilities and the price is the cheapest. For that, choose Kilo.Id Export Services to be your shipping service partner because cooperates with well-known International Couriers such as TNT, FedEx, DHL, which has been proven for years, provides fast, safe, easy, cheap and reliable delivery services. Fastest, most reliable & cheapest shipping service abroad Export Services is one of the freight forwarding services that really prioritizes the quality of service to consumers, by providing all additional facilities without any additional charges. So that the delivery of goods is the fastest, cheapest because there is no additional courier fee, the easiest, most practical and reliable.

Types of goods that can be sent overseas via

Jamaica's state policy to allow goods to enter Jamaica or not to be allowed to enter Jamaica you can see on the website page which outlines the list of goods that are not allowed to enter Jamaica, because not all goods are allowed to enter. abroad

Examples of some items that are not allowed into Jamaica are Types of Grains, Batteries, Haz, Infectious substances, Haz and Non Haz Perfumes, Oxidizers, Magnetic Materials, and many more. For a more detailed policy on the Jamaica Government Policy, you can read and visit it by pressing the Click Here button which is next to the List of Goods that are not allowed to enter Overseas.

As for the types of goods that are not listed in the list of prohibited goods to Jamaica, almost all of them can be sent using the service, the important thing is legal goods, accompanied by export documents and supporting certifications such as halal certificates and certificates of origin of goods .

How much does it cost to export goods to Overseas

To determine the calculation of the cost of shipping services for export of goods by taking into account the comparison of the actual weight and the volumetric dimension weight, the determination uses whichever reference is greater between the actual weight or the volumetric dimension weight.

You can weigh the actual weight with an ordinary scale, while the volumetric dimension weight can be measured yourself with the formula (length x width x height)/5000 . So if you send an item weighing 1 Kg but the item is in a very large packing so that the cubication of the item becomes large, then the fees charged refer to the volume of the item, not the kilogram weight of the item.

Don't hesitate about shipping costs because the cost of the delivery service for export goods to Jamaica is not expensive if you use, which is around IDR 910,000 per kg to IDR 1,190,000 per kg depending on the international courier partner in the destination country you choose. These fees are final costs and include additional facilities such as administrative fees at the Immigration and Excise Office both in Indonesia and in the destination country, and also includes the cost of picking up goods from your pickup point as well as the cost of delivering goods from the excise office of the destination country to the destination country. destination address of the receiver / recipient of the goods.

Check Postage / service fees for exporting goods from Indonesia to Overseas

How to check the cost of exporting your goods abroad? Come on, please, you can visit and check it through the website then pay attention to the export column and type in your destination country (eg Jamaica) then under the column will appear a table of prices for Indonesia - Jamaica Export Costs, with three alternative prices, namely the standard FedEx Courier, TNT and DHL.

The advantages of overseas shipping services

- fastest

Of course we agree that is the fastest shipping service for export goods because guarantees that the delivery time for export goods to Jamaica is less than a week.

- The easiest

We also definitely agree that is the easiest because sends goods using one service, namely services ranging from picking up goods, managing document administration, immigration, administration and customs payments in the destination country to shipping goods from the airport. destination country to the address of the receiver or consignee.

- Cheapest

Besides that, is also the cheapest freight forwarding service because always works effectively and reduces all costs that arise to the lowest possible cost. also provides additional service facilities without additional fees or additional courier fees.

Because of this emphasis on outgoing costs, can provide the cheapest tariff, which is only Rp. 910,000, - / Kg, this price includes fuel surcharge and includes the cost of picking up goods from your place, tracking fees between countries, administrative management fees at destination country immigration, customs, even the cost of shipping goods from the airport / immigration to your destination address.

- No MOQ or No Quota

Still hesitating to ship your smallest item? Don't hesitate anymore, because regardless of the weight of the goods you send, can directly process all of these goods without having to wait for a certain quota and without giving a limit on the weight of the goods you have to send.

- is practical

It is undeniable that is also very practical because if you want to export your goods, all you have to do is call our customer service and then will solve all your shipping matters. will take care of picking up goods at your place, taking care of all export document administration, taking care of administration at Indonesian immigration, taking care of administration at Immigration and customs in Jamaica, then delivering the goods to your destination address wherever they are. Delivery of goods to Jamaica can be done easily and affordable. Even the goods will be picked up by the team to be sent to Jamaica without having to bother you. also provides goods delivery services to the city of Kingston, Spanish Town.

- Trusted

Of course you agree that commitment is the most basic thing in a business relationship, and really maintains commitment, really maintains the trust and trust of consumers and all of our business partners who use shipping services, because of the success and progress of consumers in their export business. is our success. Therefore, treats the trust of the consumer's business like its own business, which must be maintained and carried out as well as possible and to the maximum extent possible.

How to use the Export - Import delivery service

So you definitely don't hesitate to send your goods to Jamaica? For immediate practice, please learn how to use the export shipping service using

The following are the steps for sending your goods through, namely:

  • Contact customer service whose wa number is on the top right of the website page.
  • Customer Service will provide an estimated price for shipping goods overseas.
  • Make a payment of the estimated value provided by customer service via transfer to the company account whose account number is listed on the price estimate sheet.
  • will issue an Air Waybill, and prepare export documents, packing lists and invoices.
  • The Expeditionary Vehicle will pick up the goods to your pickup address, and re-weigh and measure the volume of the goods you will send. If there is a difference in the weight of the goods from what you previously reported, the last measurement by the Courier will be used as a benchmark and reference for payment.
  • Make a short payment if there is a difference in the estimated weight of the goods you convey with the weight of the real goods weighed by But if there is no difference in the weight of the goods or the volume of the goods, then you do not need to transfer anything.
  • will process the delivery of your goods, starting from checking documents, preparing invoices, managing administration at Indonesian Immigration, tracking delivery of goods to Jamaica, administrative and customs management in the destination country, and delivering your goods from the airport to the recipient's address. your stuff.

Simple and easy right? What are you waiting for, let's send your goods to Jamaica, don't forget to study well the list of items that are acceptable or not allowed to enter the country. You can learn in advance all the terms and policies for exporting to Jamaica on the web page where preliminary information is explained about the list of export fees, conditions, a list of goods that can be accepted in the destination country, how to calculate or calculate costs for goods. with large cubications, and several fiscal policies of destination countries.

To get a more detailed explanation about the delivery of your goods to Jamaica or if you want to negotiate a price because the volume of your goods is relatively large, then you can contact our customer service whose number is located at the far right of the web page to request a more detailed explanation or request a price quote.